Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler tease making a fourth film together

Dec 08, 2020

Washington DC (USA) Dec 8: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler added more hardware to their crowded mantles on Sunday when they took home the Dynamic Duo title at the "2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time" show and teased a potential project in the process.
Barrymore, 45, and the "Sandman," 54, have starred alongside each other in the 1998 film "The Wedding Singer," "50 First Dates" in 2004 and "Blended" in 2014. They have had success in the streaming world as well.
"It was so much fun to make a movie with you in every of the last three decades," Barrymore told Sandler as they virtually accepted their new honors, which was presented by none other than frequent Sandler collaborator and close pal David Spade.
"Yes, yes, and Drew, it's 2020 so you know what that means..." Sandler asked
And Barrymore replied, "Everything sucks?"
"Yeah, that's true - but also, it's a new decade so we get to make another movie together," Sandler quipped.
Barrymore - seemingly in agreement - responded, "Right, well let's wait until we find something amazing, we do have 10 years."
"Nine years and one month," added Sandler. "You're right," Barrymore chimed. "Well, that's not enough time. I don't know, it doesn't matter - it has to be special."
Barrymore has emerged as a major star on the daytime talk show circuit. On the premiere of "The Drew Barrymore Show" in September, she tapped Sandler to be her first guest and the pair revisited their characters from "50 First Dates."
In the classic rom-com, Sandler's character Henry falls in love with Barrymore's character Lucy but later discovers her short-term memory is shot. Henry then sets out on a journey to remind her every day of his love for her through videotapes he makes to jog her memory.
"You have a thing called amnesia, I am your husband. We have a daughter. She's about 40 now or something like that," Sandler told Berrymore [Lucy] in character at the time of the show's premiere. "It's 2020, and we're also in the middle of a pandemic, which is a terrible thing."
Barrymore has also revisited her role in "Scream" on her talk show, which she made as a parody in October.
Source: Fox News