Equinox, SoulCycle boycott: Steve Forbes may become a new gym member

Aug 10, 2019

New York (USA) August 10: The controversy over President Trump attending a fundraiser hosted by the owner of Equinox and SoulCycle is leaving one media mogul to consider pedaling into one of the fitness centers as a member.
Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media, said the call for a boycott over billionaire and owner of the fitness companies, Stephen Ross' support of President Trump's re-election campaign demonstrates the current poisonous political climate.
"This is the kind of thing that people don't like," he said during an interview on "After the Bell" Friday. "It's poisonous and I am almost ready to sign up for SoulCycle."
Ross is the chairman of The Related Companies, the parent company of both fitness brands, which are getting slammed by several celebrities like model Chrissy Teigen and comedian Billy Eichner who took to social media and urged users to cancel their Equinox and SoulCycle memberships.
The backlash has also come from another Related owned property, the new Hudson Yards complex on Manhattan's west side. One of the anchor businesses of the development is celebrity chef Jose Andres' restaurant, Mercado Little Spain. In a video on Twitter Andres asked his landlord to cancel the fundraiser.
Forbes said he fears that small donors will also feel the wrath associated with political campaign contributions.
"Don't be surprised if in the future if people start looking at them and calling up employers, calling up friends," he said.
The Washington Post reported that Ross' fundraiser and another by real estate developer Joe Farrell -- both held in the Hamptons -- raised $12 million for President Trump.
Source: Fox Business