Ice Cube's Big3 cancels season due to coronavirus pandemic, league announces

May 19, 2020

Washington (USA) May 19: One basketball season won't be played this year.
The Big3 announced that that it is canceling the 2020 summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it will have a plan in place for a "great return in 2021."
"Due to a confluence of issues including safety, uncertainty of testing, changing government regulations, insurance and liability issues, sponsor and advertiser challenges of their own, and the changing nature of the virus itself, the decision was made to focus on a great return in 2021," the league said in a statement.
In January, the league -- which has 12 teams, games played in two different cities each week, and an eight-game schedule -- announced some changes, including its unique sport as FIREBALL3, which is complete with 4-point shots and 14-second shot clocks. The Big3 also lowered the age limit from 27 to 22 and opened participation to athletes who play multiple sports.
The four major sports leagues -- NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL -- are all trying to continue or start their seasons, most likely without fans in their stadiums, but the Big3 decided to go down a different route.
Big3 co-founder Ice Cube also released a statement.
"We tried everything in our power to give our fans a nice 2020 season but with a long list of obstacles, we decided to shift our focus to having a great 2021 season with our fans in the stands," he said. "Our goal from day one has always been to provide a remarkable experience of top-level competition and entertainment. . We will definitely come back with the fire."
Source: Fox News