Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences completes 10 years

Jun 27, 2022

New Delhi [India] June 27 (ANI/SRV): ICHARS, the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences, has reached yet another milestone and celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Since its inception, ICHARS has helped psychologists develop advanced therapeutic skills in an eclectic therapy approach with comprehensive, step-by-step training and ongoing support. The ICHARS® Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Program® is a unique, cutting-edge, comprehensive, and versatile program designed to help psychologists become more effective in their practice.
ICHARS's training is based on the belief that the most effective therapy is one that matches the client's needs, goals, and values. ICHARS's training is also based on the belief that no two clients are alike, so therapists should be trained to use a variety of methods and approaches to ensure that each client receives the best possible treatment.

Over the years, ICHARS has launched many projects through its training programs, courses, workshops and internships, and has thereby established a strong base in the field of mental health.
ICHARS was incorporated in 2012 with the objective to address two major limitations that psychologists face in their practice. These limitations include the lack of a structured eclectic approach to working with clients and the lack of support or mentorship after attending training programs. In order to address these needs from day 1, ICHARS ensured that its courses were designed exclusively for practitioners based on an eclectic approach that integrates all major approaches to psychotherapy which offered the practitioners a Structured Step by Step approach. Every course that ICHARS offers include extensive practice sessions and offer lifetime support to our participants after the courses are completed.
In 2018, the ICHARS team incorporated the ICHARS Support Foundation, an NGO working to change the stigmatization of mental health in India and bring about a real difference in the field.
In 2020 the ICHARS team launched the VisitMHP (Visit a Mental Health Practitioner) initiative with the objective to help people understand the importance of consulting a mental health practitioner for enhancing mental well-being and not just to overcome mental illness.
In 2022, the team launched the VisitMHP portal. A peer learning and support platform to help psychologists learn a structured way of counselling clients along with offering them opportunities to be mentored and mentor other psychologists.
Future Plans for ICHARS
1) Creating a holistic system that connects, supports, and enables all the stakeholders in the mental health landscape (students, professionals, NGOs, Government bodies, general population) through ICHARS Support Foundation and Visit MHP
2) Mobile apps for mental health needs
3) Research papers on the effectiveness of the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Approach for improving performance and overcoming different emotional challenges
4) College with campus offering master's in Psychology with a specialisation in Cognitive hypnotic psychotherapy
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