Pompeo blames Iran for tanker attacks

Jun 17, 2019

Washington (USA) June 17: The United States is stepping up its efforts to convince other countries that Iran attacked two tankers last week in the Gulf of Oman.
Soon after the incidents, the United States released a video that it says provides evidence of Iranian involvement in the attacks. Iran flatly denies the allegations.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday" that it is unmistakable what happened there. He said that Iran attacked commercial shipping with a clear intent.
He also said the intelligence community has lots of data, lots of evidence and that the world will come to see much of it.
Pompeo said he is confident that the US will have partners around the world that understand the threat.
The US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, issued a statement on Sunday.
It said that an Iranian surface-to-air missile attempted to shoot down a US drone over the Gulf of Oman shortly after one of the tankers, the Kokuka Courageous, was attacked. The command said this was apparently an attempt to disrupt surveillance of the tanker attack.
A spokesperson for Russia's presidential office, Dmitry Peskov, warned on state television on Sunday that incidents like this can shake the foundations of the world economy. He said that unfounded accusations should not be considered.
Source: NHK World