Tom Brady's new teammate reveals what it's like working with the future Hall of Fame quarterback

May 22, 2020

Washington (USA) May 22: Earlier in the week, new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady held a workout session with his new teammates, which included center Ryan Jensen, who was there to snap him the ball.
After the workout, Jensen talked to Sports Illustrated about what it's like working with Brady.
"He flips a switch," Jensen said. "Even just in talking, you talk about life, where he should live in Tampa, this is the first conversation we had and, then all of the sudden, when we start talking about ball a little bit, you feel the intensity switch. I think that's something that you see, and you've seen obviously the last 20 years, he can flip that switch in intensity."
During the workout session, Brady asked Jensen about wearing a glove on the hand he uses to snap the football.
"I'm like, Uh . yeah . And he's like, 'OK, we gotta talk about that,'" Jensen said. "These minute details so far that I've seen him be concerned with, from something as small as that to cutting on the fourth step, not the fifth step, on a route, it's stuff like that where I'm sure he carries himself through his life like that. You can tell he's very detail-oriented that way."
Brady's new teammates -- like Jensen -- are quickly finding out why he is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time.
Source: Fox News