Zelensky says dialogue with Putin started at Normandy Four summit

Dec 13, 2019

Washington DC (USA) Dec 13: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has made it clear that he is content with the results of talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the framework of the Normandy Four summit in Paris on December 9.
"I think that we have sorted out a lot of issues," Zelensky told 1+1 TV channel. He confirmed that he shook Putin's hand. "What are other ways to negotiate? What are other ways to resolve issues?" he said.
The Ukrainian president went on to say that the summit verified that "dialogue with Putin has started."
"We have looked each other in the eye for 8 hours at the summit. I realized that he is not an easy, but rather a difficult person. I understood that the dialgoue between us started, that we can begin making agreements. This will not be fast, but it will happen," Zelensky concluded.
Source: TASS

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