Biden urged Putin to release jailed blogger Navalny, White House says

Jan 30, 2021

Washington (US), January 30: US President Joe Biden called on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to release detained vlogger Alexei Navalny, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday.
"Yes, as we have said publicly, our team has repeatedly called for [Navalny's release] through the course of the last several weeks", Psaki said during a daily briefing when asked if Biden specifically called on Putin to release Navalny.
Psaki added she did not have any more details in terms of the specifics of the conversation.
Both leaders had their first conversation last week since Biden assuming office.
Thousands of protesters rallied across Russia over the weekend to demand the release of Navalny from police custody. He was arrested upon his arrival in Moscow from Germany on 17 January for violating probation conditions for an earlier embezzlement conviction.
Source: Sputnik

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