Confucius Day marked in Budapest with cultural programs

Sep 25, 2022

Budapest [Hungary], September 25: The Confucius Institute at the EotvosLorand University (ELTE) of the Hungarian capital celebrated the birthday of Confucius with rich cultural programs here on Saturday.
About 100 audiences from Hungary and China enjoyed concerts, Kongfu performances and lion dances at the Confucius Day event.
The audience also had the chance to try Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper cut, chopsticks usage, Perking Opera Mask coloring, Chinese chess and learn the basics of China's beloved Jianzi(Chinese foot badminton).
EnikoGajasz, cultural program organizer of ELTE's Confucius Institute said the institute wants to give a broader presentation of Chinese culture on this special occasion.
There were also two cultural lectures after the opening ceremony, one focusing on fine arts in China, the other on the Temple of Confucius in Beijing.
The Confucius Institute at ELTE in Hungary celebrated its 15th founding anniversary in June.
Confucius (551-479 B.C.), an educator and thinker who has influenced countless generations of Chinese society, was believed to be born on Sept. 28, 551 B.C.
Source: Xinhua

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