Kia ranks first in India FADA's dealer satisfaction study for 2 consecutive years

Sep 21, 2022

Seoul [South Korea], September 21: Kia said Tuesday that it ranked first in India's satisfaction study conducted on local car dealers.
Kia ranked No. 1 in the "4W Mass" category and overall scores in the dealer satisfaction study conducted by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) and automobile business consulting firm Premonasia for the second consecutive year.
The study was conducted on dealers for 4 categories, including mass-produced passanger cars, luxury cars, two-wheeled vehicles, and commercial vehicles, and nine items, including dealer satisfaction, marketing, sales, product, order, warranty period, service, management policy, parts, education, OEM support, and others, were evaluated.
Kia scored 871 points out of 1,000 points, far exceeding the average score of 719 points. Hyundai Motor [005380] followed with 830 points.
Volvo (919 points), Honda (736 points) and VE Commercial Vehicles (832 points) topped the list for luxury cars, two-wheeled vehicles, and commercial vehicles, respectively.
Kia explained that it could achieve high satisfaction through close communication with dealers, increased vehicle quality, and high-quality training to improve sales and service staff skills.
Source: Global Economic Reporter

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