'Life-Camera-Action' by Veena Dhandhia, inspires readers to focus the spotlight on 'You'

Jan 10, 2022

New Delhi [India], January 10 (ANI/ATK): Released just a week ago, 'Life-Camera-Action' opened up at No.1 Spot in Hot New Releases in its genre on Amazon India on Day 1 itself.
It came as no surprise because at the heart of the book lies answers to questions, practical DIY tips and techniques which invite you to weave through the areas of self-growth, health and wellness, relationships, passions, social life, and career & finances.
As the book's Tag Line goes, 'Focus the Spotlight on YOU', Life-Camera-Action puts you at the very centre of your being. The author pens down beautifully, how to EMPOWER yourself to ENRICH your life enough to EVOLVE from an extraordinary being to an extra-extraordinary being and reach your next levels of Success and Happiness. From knowing what to add, to what to remove, what to change, and what to keep, the reader can feel a holistic transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly!
The Author, Veena Dhandhia, is a Life Enrichment Director. She is an ICF Certified InnerMost Shift Life Coach, Speaker, Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Professional Listener, and Corporate Trainer. Her specialization is in the areas of self-growth, relationships, success, and happiness. And rightly so, her mission is to make a difference in millions of lives around the world!
Hailing from a theatre & stage background, Veena Dhandhia sets life-enriching concepts against the unique backdrop of creating your own life story by identifying the villains in your life, writing your own trailer, plot, scenes, and climax by taking information from the past, and using it in the present to create a more beautiful future, and celebrate life.
The author's writing style, which is motivational & upbeat, keeps the readers engrossed till the very end. She expertly inserts snippets from her own life story of turning her life around from a state of emotional turmoil to being hailed by many as an 'inspirational' person. She empowers you to maximize the use of your inner potentials, to enrich the quality of your life and evolve from being an extraordinary person to an extra-extraordinary person and live life to the fullest.
Veena Dhandhia's book, Life-Camera-Action, has been published by Beeja House. Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO of Beeja House, proudly shares, "It's in challenging times like today, that we get to read books such as Life-Camera-Action, that truly teach us to be unfettered by external setbacks and continue to grow by putting the focus back on the one factor you actually control, YOU!"
So come, be the Director of Your Life and Re-Write Your Story.
Write well, edit often.
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