Oh Earth Organics gets INR 10 million Investment from an Angel Investor

Jun 11, 2021

New Delhi [India], June 11 (ANI/SRV Media): The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire demography of retail business, especially affecting the businesses with brick and mortar concept. Organizations adopting and implementing a mix blend of both click & mortar, and brick & mortar formats for the sale of their products and ideation are prevailing in these difficult times.
Oh Earth Organics Pvt. Ltd. is an example of such an initiative who is taking the market to a whole new level by focusing on health and nutrition, through organic concept and products and its benefits. Oh Earth Organics, a certified organic food production company of Abhishek Kharosekar and Minu Prasad. The 1st Store was successfully inaugurated on 10th June, 2021 and on this same day they received an investment of INR 10 million from Rahul Godse, Founder & Director, Godse Agro FPC Ltd. Bringing the best produce from mother earth's farmers and the belief in the future of organics concept has been Oh Earth Organics prime motto and commitment towards a healthy living.
Oh Earth Organics immensely believes to pass through this tough time, customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships through customer retention is the key to success to sustain business currently. Oh Earth Organics' principle thinking highlights how mother earth has blessed everyone with numerous returns, and that it is now our turn to assist her in preserving the beauty and remain enriched. As a result, the best way to return is to start practicing chemical-free farming and preferring chemical free food. All the products of Oh Earth Organics are organically certified and have been scientifically proven to have health benefits. Also, all the products produced or processed are certified under the NPOP Norms of APEDA/NOCA and labelled as India Organic in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of India. Certified Production, Product Quality, Quality Packaging & Following Sanitation Guidelines are the key salient features of Oh Earth Organics.
Abhishek Kharosekar is a qualified mechanical engineer, marketing strategist, digital and brand expert. He has worked with big giants like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), KPIT, and Satyam (currently known as Mahindra Satyam). Minu Prasad is also a brand expert, art enthusiast and organic lover. Both Abhishek and Minu believe in their principle turned tagline - Aab Organic Hoga India!
The big idea behind the success of the brand is to provide healthy food to all fellow Indians and promote farmer empowerment in today's society of civilization. Oh Earth Organics have a strong vision of expanding their brand value all over Maharashtra and Gujarat through company-owned stores and strong backward integration. The use of a tailor made design ERP to track inventory management, procurement, online and offline sales, and MIS reporting is another point of traction that Oh Earth Organics looks forward to.

Abhishek Kharosekar, Founder and CEO, said "With Agriprenuer Rahul Godse's trust and funds collaboration, we intend to expand our brand in a COCO (Company Owned, Company Operated) format, with our first store in Pune having both Click & Mortar and Brick & Mortar is inn for the benefit of our customers and customer retention through online and offline sales."
Agriprenuer Rahul Godse, is a qualified Engineer and owns a Farmer Produce Organization with more than 500 farmers associated with him. Rahul also owns more than a 100 Acres of agricultural land bank at 100 kms distance from Pune city.
Rahul Godse, Investor and Director of Godse Agro Farmer Produce Company, said 'I have witnessed the efforts done by Oh Earth Organics Founders and look forward to the expansion of the company. It is an ideal company that can be the front face for our farmers and strongly portray their importance and empower them in today's society.'
Oh Earth Organics have always been very selective with their farm produce, whether it is grains, dals, rice, sweeteners, or superfoods. The specialty has always been hand pounded Basmati & Indrayani rice. Also the jaggery powder has a proven track record of being the best seller, closely followed by unpolished tur dal. Also, the saffron of Oh Earth Organics is of high quality and comes from the Pampore area of Pulwama, Kashmir. All the products of Oh Earth Organics' are best sellers because they are pure gold when it comes to certified organic produce.
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