US Army Surpasses 1Mln COVID-19 Vaccination Milestone for Soldiers, Families

May 13, 2021

Washington (US), May 13: More than 1 million coronavirus vaccines have been given to soldiers, family members and Defense Department civilian employees, the US Army said.
"As of May 11, the Army has administered 1,014,095 COVID-19 vaccination doses at medical treatment facilities in roughly 80 locations around the world to servicemembers, families, civilians, contractors, and other eligible beneficiaries," the Army said in a press release on Wednesday.
The Army reported that 436,533 recipients were fully vaccinated and another 577,562 have received the first dose. That includes 358,512 soldiers having received the first dose and 278,336 who are fully vaccinated, the release said.
In addition, more than half of all soldiers and more than three-fourths of active duty soldiers have received at least one dose, the release added.
As of March 31, the Army had 483,742 active-duty members, 187,260 reservists and 335,741 National Guard members, according to the US military.
Source: Sputnik