Indian’s and Bangladeshi’s unite in prayer at border mosque

Apr 12, 2024

Kurigram (Bangladesh), April 12 (ANI): In Jhakuatari village, within the Dighaltari block of West Bengal's Cooch Behar district, lies a mosque that has stood for two centuries at the exact boundary line between India and Bangladesh. Here, individuals from both nations gather to offer prayers. Today, on the joyous occasion of Eid, individuals from both India and Bangladesh were observed praying together. This mosque predates the division of Bangladesh from Pakistan; initially part of Pakistan, it became part of Bangladesh after the separation. The village of Jhakuatari, situated along the India-Bangladesh border, bears the same name in both nations. Both the Bangladeshi section and the Indian village are identified as Jhakuatari. Residents from both countries coexist peacefully, with some families residing in Bangladesh and others in India. With no nearby mosque, people from both nations frequent this mosque to offer their prayers.